About Us

Schoolmela is a not for profit organization registered under Internal Revenue Code 501 (c) (3), and dedicated to provide means for education to the underprivileged children in rural India and USA. We are like minded people, friends, Gurus and colleagues who started this organization in Central Texas (Austin), USA to extend our services in Rural Education in India, and USA.This is majorly a volunteer driven non-profit, and believe in "Manava Sevayee, Madhava Seva (Serving People is same as Serving God)" and "Vidhya Daanamu Maha Daaanam" (Helping in Education to children is greatest serving).

We have 2 divisions, one is SCHOOLMELA a division majorly focuses on elementary and high school education. This is to extend helping hands to poor background families at rural area to send their children to schools without any huddles and encourage bright and sincere students. We improve educational awareness in rural areas through career mentoring, and we closely work with various NON-Profit organizations to help rural students. In this program we identify very poor rural students and help them with school materials like text books, school uniforms, note books, and other useful material to students. We work with school staff, volunteers, and rural villagers to facilitate school materials to underprivileged rural children.

We also have 2nd division is called ITMELA and this division is an attempt to bring rural students together and recognize their talent and help them find opportunities. It provides a unique platform to showcase their talent and skills on Information Technology to various IT Corporate Executives and Entrepreneurs. This is to recognize, encourage and create opportunities to smart and hardworking students who live in rural areas. We help these students in job career, mentoring, skill development, workshops, teaching and training etc.

What we do:

This student scholarship program is to extend helping hands to poor background families at Rural area to send their children to schools without any huddles and encourage bright and sincere students. We buy a scholarship package a set of 15-20 regular needy items and arrange these 1st week of school.

When did We started:

We started this scholarship program during 2009-2010 academic year, so far we sent 850+ poor children to 11 high schools in Andhra Pradesh in India. We are creating social impact in 200+ rural villages with this program.

How can you be part of this:

Being a non-profit and completely a social service organization, Schoolmela is seeking your kind and generous support for funding in Education related services. To encourage the organization you can dedicate your time by helping in the charity activities or donate funds (one time or recurring contributions) to fund this service programs.


mail: schoolmela@schoolmela.org

Our Vision

Rural children education improvement is our goal, and in next 5 years by 2020, we want to reach 3000+ poor children scholarships supporting 20+ Rural High Schools, and every year we are targeting to send 150 to 200 poor students to schools and build their career and further life.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing a range of education advisory services targeted.

  • Individuals looking to pursue higher education to develop their skills.
  • Corporate institutions/organisations looking to upgrade the skills of their employees through a tailored professional development program.
  • Parents/ Guardians and young people looking for educational but exciting summer holiday experience abroad.