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Schoolmela is a not for profit organization registered under Internal Revenue Code 501 (c) (3), and dedicated to provide means for education to the underprivileged children in rural India and USA. We are like minded people, friends, Gurus and colleagues who started this organization in Central Texas (Austin), USA to extend our services in Rural Education in India, and USA.This is majorly a volunteer driven non-profit, and believe in

"Manava Sevayee, Madhava Seva (Serving People is same as Serving God)" and "Vidhya Daanamu Maha Daaanam" (Helping in Education to children is greatest serving).

Eligibility Of Scholarship

  • Students who comes from poor family background.
  • Physically Handicap Students
  • Single Parent or orphans children
  • Rural under privileged children
  • Only for 8th , 9th, 10th, grade students are eligible to apply..
  • We select 3-5 members from a grade.
  • We also support academic and very poor background at Engg/Masters students with limited number one or two for year.
  • You can download the student scholarship application here: Download Here




Rural Children







Our Approach

Identify The Needy

Teachers, local people, and the coordinator will identify the real needy students who are poor and need support for high school education.


We provide scholarship (around 25+ school supply items including clothes, notebooks, guides, pens, dictionary, umbrella etc.)

Timely Support

We buy high quality school supply products at corporate cities like Bangalore and Chennai, and provide them to needy students within first 3 weeks of school start.


We have many volunteers and engineers or various people in the community who achieved in their life come forward to help students, they write letters, or provide speeches..

Quiz Program

We conduct rural inter-school quiz and other educational and sports related competitions to create competitive skills and acknowledge their strengths.



We conduct pro-active survey of students and also in-person visits to schools and collect pro-active feedback on how to improve our services to rural children.